It’s more than ok….It’s hanok.

‘Home’ is an increasingly abstract concept for those of us who are living in a country in which we were not born. An evocative word, which many have attempted to define, a concept most spend their efforts to create and even design, home is where we all go when we need to take shelter fromContinue reading “It’s more than ok….It’s hanok.”

Best Foot Forward….. It’s going to be, like, toe-tally awesome.

It was easy enough to get my toe in the door. Ironically, in the true and original sense of irony, it was getting my toe out of the door that broke it. I’d never broken a bone before. Firstly, I appreciated how lucky I had been, and secondly, I developed a true appreciation for myContinue reading “Best Foot Forward….. It’s going to be, like, toe-tally awesome.”

Self-practice in a selfie-centered world

Too often it seems that we are being led by the entertainment industry, rather than our own thoughts. We are surrounded by so many painted faces, parties and balloons with messages fill our metaphysical world. It takes time and effort to step away from their illusion, and to exercise our right to silence and solitude in a noisy, upset world.